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Common Sense and Real Solutions From a Proven Problem-Solver.

The only clear and concrete plan to fix LA. Craig Greiwe is ready to go as Mayor of LA from DAY ONE


For too long, this city has been run by career politicians promising fixes but not delivering.
Look around. Do you like what you see? It’s time for something new.

Join the campaign to bring accountable leadership and common sense to the City of Los Angeles.

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    A New Era

    Free from insider politics and shady back room deals. Where money goes to the people who need it most instead of lining the pockets of corrupt leaders and career insiders.
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    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles can be a city we can be proud of. A place you can raise your kids in. A city that helps you, not one that breaks you. A place where folks can afford to and want to live, work and play. Where you feel safe not just from violence and crime, but from prejudice and fear. Where you know that if you have a home today, you’ll have a home tomorrow. And if you face struggle, we’ll help you get back on your feet.

    New Leadership

    Angelenos know that we can’t trust the people who have created our problems, to also be the same people who solve them. We deserve new leaders with real, practical answers. We have a plan.

    Finding answers to some of the most complex and challenging problems in our world is my life’s work. And now I’ll bring those same solutions to Los Angeles, while representing us, not the career politicians who got us into this problem in the first place. We deserve a candidate for mayor who truly represents the people. I’m running for Mayor to bring new leadership, for the people. To create a city that works for us, rather than at our expense.

    The way it was intended.

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    Meet Craig

    A professional problem-solver, not a career politician.

    An outsider free from career politics who will always tell it to you straight.

    A relentless doer, not an endless talker.

    A businessman with a proven track record of results and leadership.

    A leader with empathy and compassion for the poor and working class, who personally knows struggle, and how to overcome it.

    Let's Dare to Dream Again

    The challenges we face—homelessness, affordability, corruption, and crime—are the same problems the same politicians who are running for mayor have failed to fix year after year. Angelenos know that we cannot trust the folks who created our problems, to also be the people who solve them.

    Join Our Campaign to Fix LA With Real Plans Today

    It’s time to restore common sense to LA City leadership.
    Real plans, real accountability.

    Craig Brings Real Answers and Real Solutions as a Professional Problem Solver and Successful Business Leader, Not a Politician.

    Explore Our Plans for Change

    Learn More About Our Vision

    Join Our Campaign for an LA We Can Believe In

    Return Power to the People of LA

    Join our movement of real solutions for everyday people. A leader from us, for us.

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