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    A Letter from Robert and Kathy McKenna

    By Dr. Robert and Kathy McKenna

    February 7, 2022

    Our adopted son Craig Greiwe is the leader our city needs for Mayor.

    We write to you today as proud parents.  Our adopted son Craig Greiwe is running for mayor of Los Angeles. We support him, though, not just because he has a plan to fix L.A.  We support him because we know who he is.  He is the leader our city needs.

    For decades we have run a medical practice in Los Angeles serving thousands of people, including those suffering from cancer. Cancer is a wicked illness, one that sneaks up on you and begins to decay your body slowly but surely. Without treatment, cancer will take your body, then your soul, then your life. That is what is happening to our City.

    Our beloved city is in crisis.  It is like so many of the patients we have known.  Our city needs a “doctor” who not only carefully diagnoses our condition, but who also jumps right in to save lives.  A doctor willing to make the difficult decisions needed.  And it needs a doctor that will give it hope for the future.  Craig is that person.

    He became a part of our family when he attended USC with our first son.  Visit by visit to our home, we learned Craig’s life story.  Raised in rural Indiana in deep poverty.  Abandoned at 14 by his biological parents.  And in the face of all that, his unyielding determination and curiosity.  He refused to accept the hand life had dealt him.  And he always figured out a better path forward.

    Since then, we have seen him build a successful business and a career.  He became a trusted strategist for renowned businesses.  He helped them understand how the world was changing, and the changes they needed to make, no matter how difficult, to continue to prosper.

    A few years ago, worried about our city’s decline, Craig established Rise Together to organize our neighbors to advocate for change.  And now, he has taken it upon himself to provide the leadership that our political establishment has not.  Not surprisingly, Craig is the only mayoral candidate with a real plan to end homelessness, one cited by the L.A. City Health Commission.  Frankly, he is also the only top tier candidate for Mayor that has not been part of the problem of failed government.

    At CraigForMayor.com, you can read the details of his plans to end homelessness, to eliminate corruption, to stop rising crime, and to drive jobs and innovation.  Also on his webpage, you will have the opportunity to contribute to his campaign to fix Los Angeles.

    We don’t just support Craig  because we love him. We support Craig Greiwe for Mayor because he loves this city, and is exactly what we need. Go to CraigForMayor.com to learn more.


    Dr. Robert J. McKenna Jr.

    Kathy McKenna


    Join the movement to make this city fair again.

    Craig is a leader fighting for your fair share. With real plans and accountability.

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