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Join the campaign to bring accountable leadership and common sense to the City of Los Angeles.

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    “Our problems are real. But they ARE solvable. Stop letting career politicians tell you differently. We can fix LA.” – Craig Greiwe

    END Homelessness

    • We need to prevent new people from becoming homeless. A 24/7 hotline to keep people in their homes.
    • We need real-time data on every homeless person in LA and ALL services that are available.
    • We must provide immediate and transitional housing (with services), immediately: 20,000 shelter-based semi-private units, 10,000 transitional units, 12,000 collaborative units, 5,000 residential mental health beds, and 500 substance abuse beds within nine months.
    • We must enforce public space fairly and equally. This will get our unhoused populations into services, shelter and support--all without raising taxes.
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    STOP Rising Crime

    • Ending homelessness will put 3,000 officers back on patrol and engaging communities instead of responding to non-emergency calls regarding homeless encampments. This will allow police to focus on rising crime.
    • We need to refund the police while expanding use of force training, as well as civilian control and oversight. We will fully fund a “peace officer corps” by hiring more trained professionals to help those with serious mental illness and addiction, as well as non-violent community needs.
    • We need a City Attorney and District Attorney who will enforce the laws, fairly and equally for everyone. Actions will have consequences, but people will also get the help they need to get better.
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    LOWER Housing Costs

    • We will use market-based approaches to build at an unprecedented rate that preserves our neighborhoods while expanding low income, moderate income and workforce housing, including a minimum of 200,000 affordable units.
    • We will ensure no one pays more than 30% of their income in rent. Let's bring our teachers, police, nurses, firefighters and young professionals back to living in LA.
    • It is time to realign city departments to expedite permitting processes for construction, and make sure city employees are focused on facilitating new construction, not blocking it.
    • We will create more by-right opportunities; increased density in “touch zones” along transit corridors like Wilshire, Sunset, and Ventura, where it makes sense; transform latent industrial zones into mixed use; and completely update our zoning code to reflect contemporary needs.
    The Details

    ELIMINATE Corruption

    • We need to create and lead a new Anti-Corruption Task Force, including an Office of the Public Advocate.
    • We will partner with Local, State and Federal agencies to expose and eliminate corruption while working to bring city council’s unfettered budgets under control.
    • We will ensure complete transparency in line-item spending, accessible in real time; ban city employees from working on campaigns; and eliminate the power of incumbency while tripling the size of city council to make sure local politics are local again.
    The Details

    Jobs & Innovation

    • Eliminate the gross receipts tax and ensure Small Business Helpers program to guide entrepreneurs through arcane regulations while we work to fix laws long-term.
    • ocus on bringing at least two new hero industries with 100,000 jobs to LA, while restoring our primacy in areas like entertainment production with the country’s most aggressive incentives programs.
    • Create the first-ever City Innovation Fund, $100 million per year investment in starts with the city as an investor and partner, not just a host municipality.
    • Put data to work in public-private partnerships and devise policies that empower workers and employers using market based incentives, not mandates, getting government out of the way.
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    • Los Angeles will be a haven for every veteran with guaranteed employment, housing, skills training, and community-building.
    • In exchange, every veteran will be the anchor of our non-violent community engagement force, providing a source of future skilled workers in every area of city operations.
    • We will build the most collaborative and supportive relationship for everyday veterans, while weaving them into the fabric of our society’s progress forward.
    The Details

    Climate Change

    • We will pursue detailed policies over mandates, that put the burden on government, not private business.
    • We will utilize market incentives that make economic sense over broad, generalized policies that try to force compliance.
    • We will ensure that mitigation of climate change is woven into every government program and policy, from my affordability plan (which will bring down traffic and emissions along with it), to homelessness and construction (such as focusing on hempcrete over concrete).
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    The Basics (Streets, Sidewalks, Schools, Sanitation, and more)

    • We will make sure the people of this city get out what they put in, with smooth streets, clean sidewalks, pipes that work.
    • We will seek a federal bailout of our time bomb of broken and about-to-break ceramic clay pipes that endanger our very city’s existence, with over 90% of them about to break, cutting off water supply.
    • We will move to an aggressive remediation program in sidewalks and streets that prioritizes fixing our worst streets now, while also incentivizing private investment with a 1:1 match—for every private neighborhood who chooses to install their own infrastructure in “skipping the line,” they will also pay for a marginalized community to receive the same benefit.
    • We will reform the infrastructure of every department to incentivize transparency and control, including City Charter reform where needed.
    The Details

    Working Families

    • Every family will receive childcare vouchers from the time of birth to entry into our school system.
    • Every student will receive a minimum of $10,000 upon graduation for use towards post-secondary education, skills training, cost of living, and workforce development, while also receiving a guaranteed paid high school internship.
    • We will ensure supply chain compliance so that every city vendor, and every stop in the supply chain, adopt the same policies as the city itself.
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    Join the movement to make this city fair again.

    Craig is a leader fighting for your fair share. With real plans and accountability.

      Messages from Craig Greiwe For Mayor 2022 are recurring. Message & Data Rates May Apply. Text HELP for Info. Text STOP to opt out.