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    An Endorsement from Humanitarian and Advocate Dr. Lois Lee

    By Dr. Lois Lee

    May 12, 2022

    As founder & President of Children of the Night, I shunned government when I needed funds or legislation to support our children who were tossed on the street, sold for sex, drugged, tortured, and raped. Since my meager beginnings in 1979, I have rescued, stabilized, and educated over 11,000 children forced to prostitute on our streets RIGHT HERE IN THE UNITED STATES, and I did it with private money (over $65 million) and ignored politicians and government restraints.

    Rarely have you heard from me about candidates running for office because of my mistrust of our politicians and their fake commitment to our communities.

    However, we now have an opportunity to rise up and create cost effective change, eliminate corruption by Los Angeles politicians, and provide humanitarian solutions to homelessness, which encompasses several social ills.

    That change is Craig Greiwe.  If we act now, and vote for Craig Greiwe for Mayor of Los Angeles, we have a real grassroots opportunity to take back Los Angeles.  And in my professional opinion, offer cost effective humanitarian solutions to the homeless, drug addicts, and the mentally ill who are tossed out on the streets costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep them there.

    Craig is a knowledgeable, learned candidate, and a breath for fresh air.

    I am asking you to join me and vote for Craig Greiwe for Mayor of Los Angeles in the June 7th election.  Craig will make the changes we need in our city. He has spent countless hours researching homelessness–its causes, effects, and opportunities to make Los Angeles a landmark city in its treatment and solutions to homelessness.

    You will hear other candidates sing this song, and many of them stole Craig’s lines, arguments, and solutions without a real commitment to solve our problems. But Craig is not a soundbite. He is the real deal and all you need to do is take the time to visit his site or just google him. Then you need to vote for Craig on June 7th – or before.  Ballots are in the mail and will arrive to you soon, if they haven’t already.  When you receive yours, vote for Craig Greiwe for Mayor.

    All you must do is google the candidates for office and see for yourself the list of indictments against Los Angeles politicians. We can end this corruption but only if we act together to rid our city of career politicians and insiders, and bring in young, fresh, talent like Craig to solve the problems that interfere with our everyday lives.

    Throughout the last 43 years, I have only asked you to vote for Tom LaBonge — and you saw for yourself the wonderful programs developed and implemented by him — a caring, knowledgeable public servant.

    Craig grew up poor and pulled himself up by his bootstraps.  He was awarded a full scholarship to USC and he studied the issues and knows our existing resources that can change the tough conditions we face daily here in Los Angeles.

    Please visit CraigForMayor.com/truth and learn for yourself.

    Los Angeles needs change, a commitment to end homelessness, crime, corruption-problems that cannot be resolved with a private initiative.  We need responsible, educated, and effective candidates in office who care about our needs as a city.  We need Craig Greiwe.

    I believe in Craig, and I am helping him because I want to help Los Angeles become a better place to live and to raise children.

    So please join me, and vote for Craig Greiwe for Mayor of Los Angeles.

    With warm regards, I remain

    Sincerely yours,

    Dr. Lois Lee

    Join the movement to make this city fair again.

    Craig is a leader fighting for your fair share. With real plans and accountability.

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