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His entire life, Craig Greiwe has fought for a better life for himself and others. Now he’s taking that fight to make things right to the streets of Los Angeles, to restore power to the people of this city, where it belongs.

When Craig came to Los Angeles 20 years ago, he did so for the same reason that so many others have. Los Angeles was a city where hardworking people could reach their full potential, where they could see their dreams come true.

But sadly the aspirations of our people have been frustrated by seemingly intractable problems like homelessness, lack of affordability, crime, corruption, social injustice and the need for better jobs with higher wages. These problems ARE real. They ARE tough. But they ARE solvable. Craig knows that if we roll up our sleeves together, as a single community, we can tackle these challenges. Our city needs a mayor with real concrete plans about how we build that better city.

We have a real plan to fix LA.
A plan that delivers complete solutions.

Craig is no stranger to struggle. He was raised in a poor community and abandoned as a teenager. He knew what it was like to feel that you have no one to turn to. He knew what it was like to have the deck stacked against you. He also learned that with determination and the helping hand of others, one can rise from that place and overcome it. Craig is up to the challenge of leading our city.

As mayor, Craig will spend the next four years fighting for all of us against all the forces that are holding us back. We will make this city one that we can be proud of. One that we can trust. One that we can smile about as we raise our kids and grow old together. Craig will bring his own lived experience, and his experience as a business leader and problem solver for some of the biggest companies in America, to help us all build a better tomorrow where everyone rises together.

Craig has been a business leader for decades, serving as a strategist and executive who finds solutions to seemingly impossible problems.  He created groundbreaking programs in climate change for the United Nations, and launched dozens of products. In the pandemic, he designed programs that saved thousands of small businesses.  He’s advised some of America’s most pre-eminent companies in how to plan for the future.  And most importantly, he’s walked into dozens of businesses who have all the resources in the world, but who have big, intractable problems, and re-arranged operations, employees, and products to drive real success and accountability.  And that’s exactly what he’ll do in Los Angeles – bring his business experience to the table so that resources go where they need to and the city delivers result.  We have all the resources in the world, and we need a leader like Craig to make sure they are put to work for the people.

No one should have to make impossible choices between living and dying, between rent and a car repair, between food and clothing, between whether to stay in the city we love or abandon it for an opportunity elsewhere. Craig Greiwe has faced those impossible choices his entire life, and now, he’s running for Mayor to ensure no one in Los Angeles has to.

Read more about our plan to fix LA here.

It’s time for a future we can believe in. A city that supports and empowers you. And a real plan to fix this city–not just in homelessness, but affordability, housing, jobs, crime. For far too long, our failing leaders have failed to fix the problems they created. Now is the time for someone now, someone with a plan. We have that plan.

Read more about our plan to fix LA here.

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