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This is Our Town.

The Pledge

As mayor, Craig Greiwe will break LA’s cycle of half-hearted, empty promises and corrupt leadership from career politicians. Instead, in just four years, Craig will remake the city as we know it, with a series of groundbreaking, ambitious programs– all without raising taxes. We have all the money we need; what’s missing are leaders who will spend it honestly and efficiently to do good for you. And when we do that, we become the city we love and dream about.

LA will be a city that works for the people, instead of at our expense.

For the first time in 100 years, this city will belong to its people, not to a small group of corrupt, career politicians. We’ll govern based on common ground and common sense.


  • We will end homelessness in LA in under four years.
  • If you have a home today, you will have a home tomorrow.
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  • We will create places where people can afford and want to live, work, and play.
  • We will build 400,000 new housing units without ruining the character of a single historic neighborhood.
  • We will bring rents down and save communities at the same time.
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Public Safety & Social Justice

  • Every citizen will feel safe and free from crime and bias.
  • We will enforce the laws.
  • Our city will truly be a haven for every immigrant in search of a better life.
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  • We will end public corruption in Los Angeles. Our leaders will stop stealing from the people.
  • Every tax dollar in our city will go where it is meant to.
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  • We will be a home for communities, for businesses, for good jobs and good wages.
  • A new city innovation fund will drive investment, revenue, and return for the city’s people.
  • Every job will pay a living wage. We will not settle for scraps for those who need it most.
  • Everyone, labor and business, will come to the table, with solutions and help.
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Children and Families

  • Every parent will have paid parental and medical leave, as well as free childcare.
  • Every child will have a college and training fund to set them off on the right foot.
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  • We will be a welcoming sanctuary for any veteran in America, with guaranteed education and employment for those who have served.
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  • We will create a city with clean streets, smooth sidewalks and roads, and pipes that work—all while reducing traffic.
  • City infrastructure must serve people first – schools must have student-centered budgeting and focus on education, not political agenda; every citizen deserves a park to play in; LADWP must open its books to the public and be brought in under city leadership for accountability.
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Our vision for the city is one where we rebuild from the people, instead of City Hall.
  • We stop accepting half-solutions.
  • We refuse to accept that “it’s too complicated.”
  • We reject extremist viewpoints and zero-sum party politics.
  • We embrace and engage with each other, even when we disagree.
  • We understand our crises are real, but so are their solutions.
  • We take real, practical steps towards results, and hold each other accountable.
  • We end corruption.

And most importantly,
We believe in each other.

We’ve become a city where we accept homelessness, poverty, crime, and beyond. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Angelenos know we can’t trust the people who created our problems to also be the ones who solve them. Now, we can chart a new course, one that builds a city with something to show for the sacrifices we’ve made.

This is our city.
Let's take it back.

Dare to Dream Again in Los Angeles

Los Angeles can be the greatest city in America

  • A multicultural economic engine driving jobs, innovation, and positive change nationwide.
  • A city where people can afford to live, work, and play in the same neighborhood.
  • A safe city where children and their families walk free from fear of crime and bias.
  • A multi-lingual marketplace of ideas and cultural exchange that makes us all stronger.
  • A model 21st century American city that works for the people, not at our expense.
  • A city we’re all proud to call home.

Want to know how? Read more about our policies.

The future is ours…but only if we stop accepting failure and excuses. We need new ideas, new energy, a new vision, and a new commitment to actually get things done.

Join Craig Greiwe’s Campaign to Fix Los Angeles, and Dare to Dream With Us

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Join our movement of real solutions for everyday people. A leader from us, for us.

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