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    May 21, 2022

    LAist - Meet your Mayor - A Political Matchmaking Quiz

    You’ve got a choice to make, L.A.: Who’s going to be your next mayor? You’ve probably been flooded with advertisements and news coverage about the candidates vying to replace L.A.’s outgoing mayor, Eric Garcetti. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any easier to make your choice. That’s why we’re bringing you Meet Your Mayor, our quiz that asks you and the candidates the same questions so that we can "match" you with the candidate who's closest to you on key issues. It’s kind of like one of those matchmaking apps where you answer a bunch of questions and then you get matched with someone who shares your interests and values. We’ll be candid — we sent out more than 30 questions to the candidates and categorizing their responses was a challenge. In some areas, there’s a lot of agreement. So we focused on where there are real policy distinctions, ultimately using 12 questions to give you a sense of where the candidates align with your own views. The answers to everything we asked are also available for you to review.

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    May 18, 2022

    KTLA - L.A. mayoral candidate challenges opponents to take lie detector test

    It’s no secret that many voters are skeptical about trusting the word of their elected politicians. One candidate vying to be the next mayor of Los Angeles says he’s putting his money where his mouth is and is challenging his opponents to do the same. Craig Greiwe, a business exec and one of 12 people hoping to succeed Mayor Eric Garcetti as L.A.’s highest public official, held a press conference Wednesday to announce a challenge to his competitors: answer important questions about your campaign, while hooked up to a polygraph test, and share the results with the public. “There is no difference between an empty promise and a lie. They are all lies,” Greiwe said in a news release. “There has to be an end to the lies. I am willing to stand on the steps of City Hall and go on record under lie detector about anything and everything the voters and political journalists want to know.”

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    May 16, 2022

    LA Taco - Mayoral Candidate Craig Greiwe Responses to Public Transit Survey

    Transportation is a central topic of life in Los Angeles, with urgent repercussions for the world at large. We seek city leaders who prioritize exceptional and affordable public transportation, street safety, and adequate active transportation infrastructure while centering issues related to affordable transit-oriented housing development and dealing with the city’s crisis of hit and runs. Before voting for our next L.A. mayor, we needed to know where the candidates stand on the essential issue of transportation equity. In a collaboration with CicLAvia, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Climate Resolve, Streets For All, Los Angeles Walks, Act-LA, POWER, IKAR, Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement, Pacoima Beautiful, and MoveLA, L.A. TACO presents a candid questionnaire given to all of L.A.’s mayoral candidates, with their answers in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.

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    May 10, 2022

    Mitu - Here’s What These 6 LA Mayoral Candidates Plan To Do About the Homelessness Crisis

    Craig Greiwe plans on ending homelessness in under four years. He believes the money already allocated to the city will do the job. He points to fourteen other cities in America that have solved the complex issue as examples. Greiwe proposes instituting a real-time mapping program to keep tabs on the scale of the problem. By focusing on the individual needs of each person experiencing homelessness, he can then lead by prescribing exact solutions to exact problems. Greiwe will call on Community Solutions, an organization already in the weeds of solving the crisis in more than 80 cities and counties nationwide.

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    May 5, 2022

    Yo Venice - This Election Isn’t Over, It’s Wide Open. Here’s Why

    The press would have you believe the Los Angeles Mayor’s Race is a contest between Karen Bass, a failing career politician who’s done nothing for your life, and Rick Caruso, a billionaire who doesn’t care about you, and never will. Nothing could be further from the truth? Let’s look at the math. Neither candidate has faced a significant attack ad or concerted attack, backed by any significant financing, and both candidates have enjoyed a massive amount of press coverage from a mostly-biased press corps, which means that both Karen and Rick have had unlimited opportunity to spread a positive message across this city to build support for their candidacies…and they failed. Here’s what the real numbers look like according to Berkeley IGS Polls in February and April 2022.

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    April 29, 2022

    Los Angeles Times - Meet the candidates for Los Angeles mayor | Craig Greiwe

    Business executive Craig Greiwe says his plan would move half of the unhoused people off the streets by early next year.

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    April 25, 2022

    Mitu - The June 7 Primary Is Approaching — Here’s What’s Happened So Far in the Los Angeles Mayoral Election

    The next debate, and one of the last major spaces for candidates to promote themselves, will be held at Cal State L.A. on May 1. Four candidates not invited to state their case in previous debates made their frustrations clear through a press conference on April 12, calling their lack of inclusion an act of voter suppression. Among the four in attendance was Craig Greiwe, whose formative experience exerting himself out of poverty ignited his passion to solve the homelessness crisis as mayor. Taking part in the debate, in his opinion, will give candidates equal opportunity to hold each other publicly accountable.

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    April 20, 2022

    Leading LA - A conversation with businessman Craig Greiwe, by Civitas LA

    As a podcast that seeks to promote civic knowledge and engagement, CivitasLA is proud to continue this bonus series: “Leading L.A.” as we share conversations with those seeking to lead this diverse and dynamic community. Join CivitasLA (www.CivitasLA.com/podcast) for our recent conversation with Businessman Craig Greiwe.

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    April 16, 2022

    LA Daily News - 10 mayoral hopefuls unveil their state-of-LA views, as Garcetti’s era winds down

    Craig Greiwe, a business executive, said the city is a “walking disaster zone,” and the problem is not with Los Angeles, but with its elected officials, including some of those running for mayor who currently hold public office. “I think that Los Angeles can and should be the greatest city in America,” he said. “The resources we possess, and our tapestry of people and industry and diversity are unparalleled. The fact that this city is a walking disaster zone is a complete and total failure of leadership.” He said he would bring some fight, and coalition-building skills, to the table, and would fire top city officials “who have been sitting at their desks, doing nothing for decades.”

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    April 13, 2022

    Daily Caller - LA Democrats Are ‘Buying Their Way’ To Leadership And Practicing ‘Voter Suppression,’ Says Mayoral Candidate Craig Greiwe

    “LA Democrats are buying and manipulating their way to leadership as the city collapses around them,” mayoral candidate Craig Greiwe told the Daily Caller. “Money should not decide an election. Institutions should not decide an election. Voters should decide an election,” he posted to his social media. “The people of this city are desperate for change, and desperate for their fair share of resources. They are desperate to get rid of all the career insiders who have been making the same empty promises for decades,” Greiwe said at a press conference Tuesday, shared to his social media. “Instead of giving the people of Los Angeles what they are begging for, Cal State, Raphael Sonenshein, and the League of Women Voters have unilaterally organized a debate using phony criteria so they can control the narrative,” he continued.

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      Messages from Craig Greiwe For Mayor 2022 are recurring. Message & Data Rates May Apply. Text HELP for Info. Text STOP to opt out.